The Executive Secretary Dr. George D.A. Kelly (FNIQS) Seeks Collaboration with The Nigeria Immigration Service for The Benefit of Border Communities in Nigeria. 08/05/2024.

The meeting between Dr. George D.A. Kelly (FNIQS) the Executive Secretary of the Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA), and Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Kemi Nanna Nandap (PCC, MMIS, FSM) which took place at the Nigeria Immigration Technology Building Headquarters in Abuja was highly productive. They discussed enhancing collaboration to improve living standards and security in the border communities in Nigeria.

Dr. Kelly emphasized the importance of working together with the Nigeria Immigration Service. He recognized them as a crucial partner in BCDA’s mission to provide socio-economic welfare and infrastructure to border communities. Dr. Kelly also highlighted the need to address security challenges, such as criminal activities in ungoverned spaces, through joint efforts.

He outlined BCDA’s Strategic Action Plan (SAP) and Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), showing a commitment to laying a solid foundation for the Agency’s operations and revisiting relevant legislation. Dr. Kelly shared examples of ongoing projects, like the borehole initiative in the Asaa Border Communities of Ogun state, to demonstrate BCDA’s proactive approach to addressing community needs.

In response, Comptroller General Nandap expressed appreciation for the briefing. She acknowledged the importance of engaging border communities for effective border governance. Nandap pledged support for BCDA’s initiatives and emphasized the need for continued collaboration to avoid duplication of efforts and maximize impact.

Overall, the meeting showed both organizations’ commitment to working together towards the common goal of improving the welfare and security of Nigeria’s border communities.

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