SERVICOM was born 21st March 2004. The SERVICOM Unit of BCDA was established in 2015. We dedicate ourselves to providing timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent services to which citizens are entitled.


  1. Manage the Agency’s customer relation policy including providing opportunities for customer feedback on services.
  2. Providing mechanism for redress of customer complaints and grievances.
  3. To ensure quality assurance and best practices in the Agency and performance of its functions.
  4. To ensure a comprehensive and effective training policy for frontline Staff and organize service delivery, Meeting/Workshop, Seminars and Conferences for Organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Serve as a link between the Agency and the SERVICOM office and also the secretariat of the Agency’s Service delivery committee which meet quarterly.
  6. Monitor performance of Charter yearly and review the Charter annually.

Preparation of periodic master plan for the balance and coordinated development of the Agency.

  • Making regular contacts with donors and development partners to sensitize their interest for strategic intervention in the Border areas. Initiating dialogue on possible collaboration.
  • Prompt efficient and courteous attendance to customers within 30minutes of their entry into any department of the Agency.
  • Weekly monitoring of the activities of the departments in the Agency.
  • Making regular contacts with donors and development partners to sensitize their interests for strategic intervention in the Agency.
  • Development of project proposals within the shortest possible and acceptable period after dialogue with donors and development partners and ensuring their sustained interests in the Border areas.
  • To provide the required administrative protocol and secretariat services towards the creation of an enabling environment for policy making and decision taking in all aspects of the Agency.
  • To ensure the improvement of service delivery capacity of BCDA in conjunction with all the Departments and Units of the Agency.
  • Organize relevant in-house training programmes to enhance staff performance.
  • Ensuring the safety of lives and property while maintaining peace and good conduct among staff and visitors within the Agency and within the hour response to all emergency calls.
  • Ensuring prompt and efficient Welfare services in the Agency at all times.
  • Continued screening, documenting, monitoring and attending to visitors in an efficient and courteous manner.
  • To monitor and ensure quality and relevance across the Border areas.
  • Liaise with relevant agencies to help the staff acquire leadership skills through training and monitoring. This will be achieved through Seminars and Workshop.
  • Develop and Monitor policies and guidelines that ensure adequate communication between Staff and Management.

Departments and Units in the Agency:

  1. Procurement
  2. Management Information Systems (M.I.S)
  3. Audit
  4. Legal
  6. Public Affairs & Protocol

Our customers are entitled to:

  • Effective complaints procedure and grievance redress mechanism.
  • Prompt and quality service delivery.

Our customers can expect us to:

  • Be highly professional, competent, polite, honest, timely and impartial in the handling of all complaints about service failure.

Grievance redress mechanism

There may be occasion when the Agency’s services do not meet customer’s expectation. Please do not hesitate to make your grievances or complaints known to the Agencys grievance redress mechanism as outlined below:

If you have a complaint, please contact:

Olabisi Osagie

Email –

Phone no. 08035826520

Status – Nodal Officer


Nkem Oresanya

Email –

Phone no. 08033421805

Status – Service improvement/Complaints desk office SERVICOM Unit


Border Communities Development Agency,

No. 4 Augustus Aikhomu  Street,

Utako, Abuja, FCT.