Organizational Structure & Function


The Executive Secretary is the Chief accounting officer of the Agency. He is responsible for the execution of the policies approved by the Governing Board and the day to day administration of affairs of the Agency. The Units under the Office of the Executive Secretary are: Legal, Internal Audit, Media/Publicity and Procurement.


The Legal Unit prepares, vets and endorses all Legal Agreements concerning the Agency. It liaises with external solicitors in matters relating to litigation, arbitration and conflicts resolution. It also gives legal advice on matters relating to the Agency and prepares policy memorandum for submission to external bodies, Ministries, Departments and other Agencies.


The Audit Unit is responsible for the auditing of the Agency’s records, it determines audit procedures and identifies key control points. The Unit also issues audit inspection reports and ensures follow-up actions.


This Unit is the most valuable in the Agency. It is the image maker of the Agency. Its duties include, initiating general and specific information and public relations strategies for the projection and protection of the Agency’s image. It advises management on the public relations and information needs of the Agency as dictated by time and event. It also works with the media and public relations practitioners to ensure positive promotion of the Agency’s image and activities.

The Media/Publicity Unit organizes and handles Press Conferences, liaises with relevant departments, operators and non-profit organizations to contribute to community development. It is also responsible for the printing and publication of Journals, News Bulletins, Event Cards and Diaries.


The MIS Unit is responsible for Information generation, communication, problem identification and helps in the process of decision-making. The Unit, therefore, plays a vital role in the management, administration and operation of the Agency.

Major functions include:

The installation  and management of Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipments, Administers the Agency’s Website, Internet and Database Management from where appropriate data is collected from the various Departments, Units and from the Website Feedbacks, processed, and reports generated for Management decisions. The Unit is expected to fulfill the information needs of individual Staff, the Management Team, the Agency’s Board, our Partners/Collaborators, and the Society at large especially in Border Communities Development Projects.


This Unit is responsible for the procurement of stock and non-stock items. It advises on matters relating to investments by the Agency. It also liaises with relevant departments of the Agency towards generating and mobilizing revenue for the Agency from governmental Agencies and other relevant International Organizations and donors.



This Department is in charge of general administrative issues such as human resources, recruitment and training, welfare of staff, facility management, institutional development, security and transport. It also advises the Agency on Agency recruitment policy based on approved catchment areas and principles of federal character and coordinates staff welfare matters.


This is the Department responsible for identifying, developing and planning of projects and programmes in line with the objectives of the Agency. This Department liaises with the relevant States, Local Governments, Border Communities and MDA’s to identify, plan and develop projects and programmes. It also ensures that proper records, documents and research materials on the activities and programmes of the Agency are kept and maintained.


This Department is the technical arm of the Agency. It is responsible for designing, developing and implementing all construction and infrastructural projects along the border areas. It also advises the Agency on technical and construction issues.


This Department is the policing arm of the Agency as regards to the execution of technical and construction projects. It monitors and evaluates the execution of projects to ensure they conform with the approved guidelines, standards and within contractual obligations. It also issues clearance certificates and approval for continuation or otherwise of such projects.


The Finance and Accounts Department is responsible for the receipts and payments of the Agency’s funds. It also prepares the financial reports, analysis, statements as well as the Agency’s budget. It assists the Executive Secretary in the day to day management of the financial resources of the Agency and maintains all accounting books and records including management of project accounts, billing and invoicing. It also oversees the preparation and publishing of monthly and yearly financial Statements of the Agency’s accounts.


SERVICOM means service compact with all Nigerian. It is the machinery for institutionalizing effective Public Service delivery. The BCDA SERVICOM Unit was established under The Office of The Executive Secretary to operationalize the Agency’s commitment to effective and efficient service delivery. It is headed by a Nodal Officer assisted by three (3)Desk Officers namely; Charter Desk Officer, Servicom improvement Desk Officer and Citizen Relations/Complaints Desk Officer. The Unit manage links with strategic partners and other stakeholders on service delivery, market research, citizen care/relations and serve as the secretariat of the Agency’s Service Delivery Committee.